The Shape of the Player in Tennis Betting

The following tactics are perfect for fans of live broadcasts who have time to observe and correctly analyze, as well as make the right bets. Of course, not everyone has the necessary skills to conduct analysis of the game, especially if you have a limited amount of time, but don’t worry as everything in this life comes with experience.

Break Live Betting Strategy


The advice given by almost all people who at least once used this strategy is to ask themselves obvious questions and answer them, and only then run to the bookmaker and make a bet.

The two main questions you need to answer are: “Is there a total advantage for a player over another, or can everything still change?”, “How well serve both players, and who is clearly stronger in this?” Only by finding answers to questions, you cannot be mistaken when choosing a favorite and increase your chances to win at

Shape of the Player


You’ll have to conduct a fairly long period watching players. But then the amount of winnings from the bet can become sky-high. So, the main factor that you will follow for several seasons is the physical fitness and form of the players you have chosen. The probability of your loss will depend on the correct analysis.

So, open the list of players and watch their games for several seasons, as noted earlier. Draw up the relationship of victories to losses, thereby understanding in what shape the athlete was at the time of the game. Some athletes have a pattern, so calculating it will increase the chance to make the right bet.

About 70% of his game will depend on the player’s psychology and physical form, so predicting the score of the match will not be difficult. One of the main advantages of this strategy is the psychological attitude of the player, who is very rare who takes discretion. This applies to both bookmakers and betting professionals.

How to Monitor Tennis Performance


You have selected one or more players (depending on how many bets you want to make at one time). We write down on a separate sheet all of his results, which he showed for the season. Also, special attention should be paid to injuries that also affect the outcome of the match. The most important thing in this strategy is to wait for the right moment and place your bet. Do not risk your money if you see that the player is not in shape. Another advantage that can be noted is surprise. Odds for a player who has won a number of failed games do not increase, so the jackpot can be up to 200% of the bet itself.



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