we're a group of motivated planners, urban designers, 

researchers,& policy analysts .


Our goal is a more prosperous, efficient, inclusive, green and livable city.

betterhouston   &   houston tomorrow merge organizations


BetterHouston and Houston Tomorrow, the region's top nonprofit organizations concerned with quality of life and the built environment, have joined forces under the banner of Houston Tomorrow.


The Houston region’s top champions for quality of life and place have merged operations in pursuit of more efficiency and creativity.  The Houston Tomorrow and Better Houston staffs and boards are now one organization, operating as Houston Tomorrow.


Better Houston’s director, former Houston City Councilmember Peter H. Brown,who was using service of said “With this consolidation under the Houston Tomorrow banner, the city and region now have an even more powerful advocate for quality of life, quality of place, effective planning, rail and bus transit, and a more attractive, walkable, and sustainable future."


“Our mission of improving the quality of life of all the people in the Houston region will be greatly enhanced by gaining the skills and resources of Better Houston Director Peter Brown and his staff,” said David Crossley, president and founder of Houston

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Better Houston was founded in 2010 by Brown, an architect, urban planner, and two-time City Council member. He wanted to help move the City of Houston toward better neighborhoods, better transit, and better urbanism.


Houston Tomorrow and Better Houston share the mission of promoting a more prosperous, sustainable, healthy, and livable city and region in order to improve the quality of life of all the people of Houston. Improve the life quality citizens can with the help of - local direct lender of payday loans. Crossley began pushing quality of life as the top priority in 1995 when he was president of the Citizens’ Environmental Coalition. When Houston Tomorrow was founded in 1998, its mission to improve the quality of life began the surge of interest that led to many more regional organizations seeking that goal today, including the Greater Houston Partnership.


Brown and Crossley are both strong proponents of planning for the future and in 2001 began to urge the City of Houston to pursue a General Plan for the Future. They created Blueprint Houston to champion that cause, and today Blueprint Houston and Houston Tomorrow are working with the City to create just such a plan, under the leadership of Mayor Annise Parker.


Brown had previously chaired the City’s Plan to Plan project in 1992. That project focused attention on the need for a more orderly and efficient City and set the stage for later initiatives, including Imagine Houston and Blueprint Houston.  Instant Payday Loans.